Nancy Has Retired

Nancy has retired.

Nancy Cincurak has worked with us for over 40 years. During that time she was divorced, raised three children, and experienced life with all of its highs and all of its challenges. Levin Swedler KennedyShe did not go to college to get a degree to advance her career because in addition to putting food on the table and paying the mortgage, she was committed to raising her three sons in a warm and loving home environment.  She has steadfastly remained a caring concerned and committed person. She is one whose curiosity and tenacity has pushed her to unravel one problem after another, allowing appropriate resolutions to existing problems. Time and time again she would pick up a messy project and produce clear and well reasoned results, all the while remaining available to train and assist those around her with a supporting and helpful attitude.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with some wonderful people, both team members and clients. There have been those with drive, those with ethics, those without ethics, those with their own personal agenda, those who cared about others, those that did not, those with great ideas and those without a clue. There have been a few who have stood out for their intellect, drive, sense of ethics, and concern for others over themselves.  Nancy is one of those who stands out.

Success is measured in many ways by different people. Some consider success to be measured by the accumulation of financial wealth. Some consider the measure of success as the accumulation of power or influence. But, as I look back over the decades of my career, I believe success is to have been able to work with the wonderful people that I have been privileged to work with, especially those like Nancy.

She has retired with the love and respect of everyone that she has come in contact with. I believe that is the true measure of success.

Nancy has been retired for a week, and I miss her already.

Written by: Gary D Levin, CPA

Akron, Ohio Certified Public Accountants


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